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The Get Licensed website was
developed to enable schools to make
an informed decision about what
level of copyright cover they need;
by Copyright Licensing, APRA and Screenrights (in association with NZSTA).

Let’s start at the beginning...

What is copyright?

Copyright relates to a set of laws that grant the creator of published material the right to say how it is used and shared. Generally speaking, copyright law permits users to access content for personal use only. So, if someone wants to share the material, even if it’s for educational purposes, by law, the copyright owner must grant permission first.

Which is where we come in.

Copyright licensing agencies (that’s us) have gained advanced permission from the creators of the published content for their work to be used for educational purposes – far beyond what is normally permitted under the Copyright Act.

Licensing Benefits

Reduce the risk of copyright infringements

Without the right licence, teachers, the principal and the Board of Trustees can be held liable.

Maximise existing resources

And gain access to new ones, legally.

Set an example: it’s about doing the right thing

Demonstrate to staff and students that your school understands the importance of ownership, gaining permission to use content, and respecting other peoples work.

Pick & Mix Licensing Options

A fully licensed school has the freedom to read more, hear more and see more content to create lessons that truly come to life.

There are three copyright licences that cover print, music and audio-visual material.

While each licence is available individually, it is our experience that the dynamic nature of the lessons being delivered in the modern classroom mean most schools need two, if not all three licences in order to be compliant.

The licences are renewable annually and are costed based on student numbers. Whether you are renewing, engaging with us for the first time, or updating your current arrangements: it’s time to get licensed!

Click the links below to take a more detailed look at each licence and the world of opportunities they offer your school.


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