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Television, radio and online content bring lessons to life. A Screenrights Licence allows you to roam the airwaves legally. Record and save television and radio shows and download online content to use in the classroom.

Learn more about Screenrights Licence here.

A Screenrights licence enables schools to:
  • Record content broadcast on television or radio
    Including movies, documentaries, Maori language programmes, news and current affairs
  • Keep copies to use as an ongoing resource
    To use in teaching or keep a copy in the library as a resource
  • Download AV material legally online
    Including podcasts, vodcasts or programmes from the internet
  • Access huge, cloud-based libraries of recordings
    A Screenrights Licence also allows licensed schools to store, access and play recordings using the latest digital technologies, such as eTV and Clickview. These services complement the Screenrights licence by providing access to online repositories of tens of thousands of copied programs that you can stream for educational purposes in the classroom, or at home.
Annual Fee (2023 Rates):
$ 5.23
per student Get Licensed