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If you're copying content from books, journals, newspapers or magazines, it’s likely you’ll need a Print Licence (also known as a Primary and Secondary Schools Licence) from Copyright Licensing New Zealand.

For around the cost of one new book per classroom, your school can maximise existing print resources and enable your teachers to enjoy worry-free copying with their students.

Here's an overview of what's covered under this Copyright Licence:

What material can you copy?

  • Material that originates from a printed book, journal, magazine or newspaper (sometimes called hard copies)
  • A scanned or digital copy of an original printed version

How much can you copy?

  • Up to 10% or one chapter of a book (whichever is greater, including pictures and graphs)
  • 15 pages from books of short stories and poetry
  • Complete magazine and journal articles (one per issue, more if on the same subect)
  • Local and overseas newspaper articles (five per issue, from online or hard copy)

How can you share this material with students?

  • Handouts, class notes and lecturer compiled worksheets (printed and digital)
  • Interactive whiteboards and screens
  • Password protected intranet sites (eg. student portals)
  • Email
Annual Fee (2023 Rates):
$ 1.91 plus gst
per primary student Get Licensed
$ 3.82 plus gst
per secondary student Get Licensed