Get Licensed

It's time to Get Licensed and activate your school's copyright licences for 2023.

The great news is, you can do it online (no more mail). Simply click 'School Login' below and it will take you to the NZSTA Copyright School Portal where you can login to activate your school's copyright licences.




Want to calculate your licence costs?

Use our Get Licensed calculator below to find out how much the licences are likely to cost your school. Each licence is renewable annually and the cost depends on your roll numbers.

Step 1: Enter your roll number
Primary / Intermediate Students
Secondary Students
Step 2: Select licences
Calculate › Print Licence
Primary Roll
x $1.91+GST
Secondary Roll
x $3.82+GST
Calculate › Music Licence
Total Roll
x $1.75+GST
Calculate › TV & Radio Licence
Total Roll
x $5.23
Total cost

This calculator is a guide only and calculated ex GST.
NZSTA members receive a 5% discount if paid by 31 July.

To Get Licensed call the NZSTA Copyright Licensing Service on 0800 663 486.